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Bunny - The source of my inspiration:

I have added this page to honor my wife... a beautiful and talented lady with a smile that could light up any room. Shirley G. was born just before Easter in 1948. Her older sister called her Bunny and the name stuck. We were married in September 1977, as mentioned on my "about the artist" page.

Bunny too was an artist. She graduated from the American Academy of Art in Chicago. Bunny was a gifted watercolor artist. She became a successful commercial artist and managed one of the nation's largest creative catalog operations. She elected to leave the corporate world and take a less stressful position at a small Minnesota interior design firm in 1996 where she worked until our permanent move to St. Germain, Wisconsin in early 2001.

Bunny enjoyed everything about living in the Northwoods. She loved watching the abundant variety of wildlife, especially the deer. Bunny was an avid cross-country skier. She could fish all day long and not want to leave the lake. She enjoyed cooking, her flower garden, walking and playing with her dogs. Bunny was an enthusiastic sports fan with her favorite college football team being the University of Notre Dame.

Possibly one of her purest talents was Bunny's gift at making new friends. She was an excellent listener. She loved to laugh and her laugh had a distinctive quality that everyone could easily recognize. Bunny almost always had a smile on her face and her smile seemed to make other people smile. She was truly a unique woman and a very special person to know.

Bunny died unexpectedly in November 2008 when the days were growing short and the winds of northern Wisconsin were blowing cold. That tragic day has forever changed my life. My best friend, my biggest fan, the inspiration for my work was suddenly gone. She never was able to see this website come to life. For several months after she died I couldn't find the desire or focus to work on any carvings. But with encouragement from my children and friends I have returned to the workbench. I believe Bunny would want me to continue working on my craft. Every new carving is now dedicated to this lovely lady.

Bunny has left this world having magically touched everyone she had ever come in contact with.

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