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January 2022: Special commissioned carving of a Bald Eagle.

February 2021: Bald Eagle is carved from White Pine.

August 2018: This piece is of a life-size Bald Eagle that is carved from White Cedar. Commissioned by a customer.

June 2017: This carving is of a life-size Bald Eagle is carved from Cedar. Commissioned by a customer in Rochester, MN where it will greet visitors to a wildlife refuge center.

December 2015: Bald Eagle carving all dressed up for the holidays. This was carved from a large piece of Birch cut from my property.

November 2013: Bald Eagle carved from Butternut.

Bald Eagle

The Bald Eagle has been the national emblem of the United States since 1782 and a spiritual symbol for native people for far longer than that. These regal birds aren’t really bald, but their white-feathered heads gleam in contrast to their chocolate-brown body and wings. Look for them soaring in solitude, chasing other birds for their food, or gathering by the hundreds in winter. Once endangered by hunting and pesticides, Bald Eagles have flourished under protection.

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