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For the past few years most of my carving time has been dedicated to commissioned pieces. I also try to keep a few carvings in the works that may be purchased. I will post new images of the carvings I've been working on as soon as they reach a somewhat finished stage in the process. I just turned 77 this year and I'm still actively carving. Hopefully I will have a few more years to work at this craft that I have come to enjoy. Please visit again from time to time to check out my newest creations. Thank you.

 Barred Owl

Grizzly Bear


Great Gray Owl

Red Foxes

Eastern Screech Owls

Red-Tailed Hawk

Snowy Owl

Bald Eagle

Before photo is to the left and after photo is on the right. Pictured in the after photo from left to right: Great Horned Owl carved from Birch, Boreal Owl carved from Basswood, Great Horned Owl carved from Pine and Sharp-Shinned Hawk carved from Birch.

Before Photo: Unpainted Carvings
After Photo: Finished Carvings
Carving Tools
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