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"The Bald Eagle has landed! I am so happy with it. Thank you so much for changing the shipping address so I could get it delivered at work. Again, thank you so much for the quality piece. You are obviously very talented. I showed my coworkers and there were lots of ooohs and aaahs! Thank you for making this a Christmas my parents will never forget. They are obsessed with bald eagles. They will fall deeply in love with this wood carving."

Sincerely, Jamee
Fairmont, MN


Bald Eagle carved from Butternut

Bald Eagle carved from Butternut

I opened the box and what a delight! I love the piece!! As always, you work is incredible! He is perfect! It's just what I'd imagined it would look like. He already has a place on the mantel.


Julie - Ogden, Utah

Northern Saw-Whet Owl Mantel Owl (2018)

I just love the video progression of the loon. It was terrific. You're very talented and one of the best carvers I've seen.


Jim - Ogunquit, Maine


Common Loon (2018)

Common Loon

"Dear Mr. Barry, We at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School thank you for your valuable time and lessons. We appreciate your talent and think your artwork is beautiful and very creative. Please come again as we would welcome you with open arms!"


Sincerely, The Students & Faculty of OLL

"Barry, Thanks again for the time you spend inspiring our Middle School students! Your art is such a gift. Very unique. Your real talent is in dealing with kids. You have a really kind teacher's heart. Thank you so much! Have a great summer! See you next fall!"


Sincerely, M.D. Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School

The students sent along a couple of great drawings along with their letters including a great rendition of the photo of Lizzie & Spirit (from Lizzie's Page).

We just got the owl and it is beautiful. The craftsmanship is wonderful and we really appreciate your attention to details. Plus we like your choice of driftwood you mounted the owl on.


Howard - Kingston, New Hampshire


Eastern Screech Owl carved from Birch mounted on driftwood (2013)

Eastern Screech Owl
Red-Tailed Hawk

Barry, the bird arrived in very good shape and it is beautiful. Thank you so much. My husband saw the box but there was no way he could guess what it was. He was thrilled with his Red-tailed Hawk. I have it in the dining room so we can see it every night at dinner.

Frances- Columbus, Ohio


Red-Tailed Hawk (2013)

July 23rd: LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! It looks great and the check is in the mail. Really, The setting for the pictures is really beautiful. We'd love to come and pick it up but it's just too far to drive. :-( Thanks again. We're so happy it's ready early.


John & Debbie - Cold Spring, Kentucky

July 26th: Thanks for the beautiful photos and your awesome effort to finish our carving ahead of plan. We can't wait for it to arrive and will send you a photo when it's in place on our hearth. It's been a pleasure.

John & Debbie - Cold Spring, Kentucky


Red-Tailed Hawk carved from Oak (2013)

Red-Tailed Hawk
Immature Barred Owl

We have the Barred Owl carving on our mantle now and we are very pleased with it. The grain is lovely and the eyes are piercing. It looks like it is surveying the realm and ready to swoop down on an unsuspecting creature. I like your vision and I can see from your website that each piece is unique. We did check out your video and it was the next best thing to meeting you in person. Thank you for all the time and artistic skills you devoted to this piece. I'm sure it will be a treasured item in our home for hears to come. Thank you for getting the carving to us in a timely manner.


Laurie - Ontario, Canada

​Immature Barred Owl carved from Birch (2012)

Your Snowy Owl is absolutely beautiful and Kerry and I love him! Thank you for allowing us to have him. Also, your shipping crate was a work of art, and the extra effort you made to insure his safety is greatly appreciated! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and upcoming holiday season. Thanks again!!


Brian - Olatch, Kansas


Snowy Owl carved from Poplar (2012)

Snowy Owl
Common Loon

I hope this note finds you doing well. The Loon will be a treasure in our home that is sure to remind us of great family vacations. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. It has been a pleasure working with you. Best to you and your family.


Lauri, Megan & Sarah - Wisconsin


Common Loon carved from Butternut (2012)

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